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What is Gelato?

Just ask Dave! He has the best Gelato in the Lehigh Valley area

Gelato is Italian ice cream. Our Gelato is prepared from all natural fresh ingredients, has a smooth texture and is amazingly low in fat. Our Gelato consists of two main types: Fruit flavors and Cream flavors.

Compared to traditional ice cream, Gelato has zero butter fat and is therefore more concentrated than ice cream. You will enjoy a much more intense flavor! It also contains fewer calories and less than half the fat of traditional ice cream. For those of you who have tasted our authentic Italian Gelato, you will recognize it as Heaven on a spoon!

Fruit flavors are water based and therefore, lactose free. Each serving has less than 1% fat. Cream flavors are dairy based with milk. They have only 4-7% fat. This means a single serving has less than 8 grams of fat and only 130-170 calories.

Our Weekly Gelato Flavors


Gelato is available for delivery in pint or quart sizes only.

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